Yea! Organics

Yae! Organics is a company dedicated to making healthy juicing as easy and accessible as possible without any compromises on quality. They found that selling these products online, however, proved to be very complicated. So they enlisted the help of LeadPlan Marketing.

Project Specs

Project Type: Amazon SEO & PPC Management

Services: Sponsored Placement, Listing Optimization, Creative (Copywriting, Design, Photography), Reviews and Reputation Management


Case Study: Optimize and Scale


Increase traffic through organic rankings and PPC. Improve sales conversion rates fo Amazon Listings.


High competition, but tremendous potential if ranked on page one.


Yae! Organics came to us in May of 2022 to help increase the sales volume of their products on Amazon. After analyzing and identifying where improvements could be made, and where money was being lost, we got to work.

This brand had been working with an Amazon agency previously, and the first thing we noticed was that the advertising was not profitable. We made adjustments to the ad sets and slowly improved the Amazon advertising cost of sales (ACOS) across the board. In addition to this, we simultaneously began optimizing the listings to improve keyword ranking positions and conversion rates.

Our efforts over a 5-month period have resulted in a 270% Increase in sales since starting and close to 400% increase year over end!


In summary, this is a great case study that demonstrates the IMMENSE UPSIDE POTENTIAL of ranking on page 1 for big keywords!

If you want to simplify your juicing check them out on Amazon! (we designed their sweet storefront).

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