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Google SEO:

Other than continued “SERP Volatility” (SERP stands for Search Engine Results Pages) in the News category, we’ve seen a very normal range across all categories. News is usually a highly volatile category. Search volatility can be an indicator that an announced (or unannounced) algorithm change is underway.

Current conditions:

It’s also worth noting there have been no confirmed (or unconfirmed) algorithm changes since December 2021, per MozCast algorithm tracking.

Google Ads:

You may have noticed a warning on your Google Ads account:

Google Ads – Update to Sensitive Events Policy: Due to the war in Ukraine, we will pause ads containing content that exploits, dismisses, or condones the war.

Clicking more info:

Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, we will be temporarily pausing Google ads from serving to users located in Russia.

As part of our recent suspension of ads in Russia, we will also pause ads on Google properties and networks globally for advertisers based in Russia.

Google Ads has officially released their latest 2.0 version of Google Ads Editor, an offline tool agencies like ours use.  See what’s new in this release.

Other Google News:

  • Google Search/Maps adds booking and appointment availability for healthcare providers. This is a limited pilot program starting with providers like MinuteClinic and CVS. Read Google’s announcement as part of a health initiative, or see it in action at Search Engine Land.
  • Google Search Console to show event rich results errors for missing locations. Another great Barry Schwartz article details. Personally, we’ve seen clients get thrown Search Console Errors erroneously when google rolls our things like this.
  • Finally, in an effort to appease privacy concerns (loudly voiced from many, especially the EU) Google is continuing to test new remarketing technology that may allow ads based on browsing history without relying on cookies. We look to Google Topics and FLEDGE to help eventually pave this road.

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AJ Anderson

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AJ is our search engine optimization management guru. With a love for technical data analysis, AJ keeps a close eye on how your website, SEO, and online ad strategies are performing, while examining new opportunities to elevate your online presence. With a flair for IT, AJ is also a great resource to answer questions when things get a bit technical.

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