What if...

You could get to page 1 of Google without hiring an expensive SEO Agency?

We provide Search Engine Marketing and optimization support to entrepreneurs who prefer to do the work themselves and to professional marketers who need great intel so they can get the job done effectively for their clients. 

You've never seen ANYTHING... quite like this!

95% of today's buyers turn to Google

to find what they are looking for. Academic research shows that 91% of searchers will never go past the first page of a Google search. That means if you are a business on page 2, you are missing out on 91% of the people looking for your services! To make matters worse, hiring an SEO agency for your small business can be very expensive and it will be 6 months to a year before you see a return on your investment in most cases.  

Wouldn’t it be great if you could drive qualified buyers to your website with the skill of a professional SEO writer, for the price of your monthly light bill?  

If you’re writing content for your website now, but you have no way of knowing if people are searching for that content, you could be wasting loads of time! We all know time is money. Our report gives you the keywords people are searching and shows you how to rank on page one for those words, terms and phrases.  

You may have no idea what duplicate content penalties, meta tag descriptions, or alt tags are or how any of that plays into getting higher Google rankings. Your frustrations surge every time Google makes a change to its algorithms (which they will do around 500 times every year).  

Maybe you've talked to a professional SEO consultant who understands the algorithms and keeps up with the continuous changes, but they wanted upwards of $12,000 to get you on the right track.  

What if there was a service that provided you with all the expertise you needed every month, laid out all the tasks you needed to do, and you could call them whenever you needed extra help? All you have to do is the writing!

Know for sure what you are writing is being searched.

Each month you will receive… 

• The hottest keywords people are using when searching for your industry. • Updated keywords and search terms each month. • The keywords your competition is using to get traffic to their site. • Content topics and ideas that you can use to create pages and blogs that drive traffic to your site and get you onto page one in Google. • Phone support with our SEO experts. • Designers who provide designs for your blogs and pages. • A custom dashboard that provides reports on how your content is performing.  


If you are serious about driving real, qualified buyers to your website and you're willing to invest your time; this is the service for you.  

Meet your team!

A team of experts at your fingertips. That's what you will get with our do it yourself SEO Coaching program.