Younique Wellness

Younique Wellness was founded by Dr. Steven Fischer, who specializes in incorporating nutrition with psychotherapy treatment. In addition to this, he also offers genomic testing, which illuminates potential hereditary disease risks. Dr. Fischer will then educate the patient on how they manage their unique risks through nutrition and stress management.

For this project we were hired to create a new brand from the ground up, including assisting with the naming of the company and tagline, “Stop guessing about your health,” along with creating a new logo, website, stationery design, and other marketing materials.

Project Specs

Project Type Branding, Logo Design, Website Design
Services Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration, Copywriting (tagline)

Logo Design

The Younique Wellness logo’s look is based on a molecular model and forms a “YW.”

A personal logo was created for Dr. Fischer, depicting the opening of the mind.

Website Stills

Home Page (Introduction): The viewer is greeted with a welcome message layered over top of an animation of a DNA chain.

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Home Page (Features Section): Custom icons were created and paired with colored themes to differentiate the site’s main sections.
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Home Page (Psychotherapy Section): Each section features a breakdown of what Dr. Fischer provides along with 3D rendered imagery.
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