McNaughton & Gunn

Since 1975, McNaughton & Gunn has been a figurehead in the book printing and manufacturing business, specializing in the guidance and coaching of new authors through the rigors of getting their books made. Unfortunately, MG’s look hadn’t been updated since their inception and they needed a brand refresh that presented a more modern and welcoming tone.

It was our task to create an updated brand platform including the design of a new logo, new tagline, as well as a new website. 

Project Specs

Project Type Brand Platform Creation, Logo Design, Website Design
Services  Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration

Project Case Study

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Design Strategy

We wanted to modernize MG’s look without losing the heritage of the brand. We chose to incorporate various visual elements of books and use warm classic colors to create an inviting tone.

Imagery Focus

Each page of the site features a photograph that is blurry initally and then comes into focus—speaking to the idea that MG coaches and guides budding authors as they take their rough idea to a published product.

Graphic Details

We baked in subtle visual cues, such as stitch lines along the top and bottom of the site, to depict the craftsmanship found within the books that MG produces.

Navigating System

Inspired by the Dewey Decimal system, the main pathways of the website are presented in “drawers” that open when clicked to present further navigation direction.


The logo’s symbol execution was born from wanting to depict the idea of MG’s core business, printing books. While working with this in mind, we decided that since MG is also immersed in stories, a concept that depicts a character would be fitting.

The result of our exploration was the creation of the MG elephant, whom the client affectionately named “Hardy.” The symbol of an elephant embodies the traits of longevity, knowledge, and family—all core elements of the MG brand.

Along with this, elephants are known for being matriarchal in nature, tying in the fact that McNaughton & Gunn is a woman owned company.

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