Larkin Group

The Larkin Group came to us looking for ideas on how to bring in new customers. After our discovery session, we realized that they have very strong customer loyalty, but they struggle to gain younger customers specifically. With that in mind, we set out to freshen up their brand with a new image that’s more accessible and fun—something not often seen in the insurance space.

Project Specs

Project Type Website Design, Brand Strategy, Logo Design,
Services  Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration

Website Design

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Design Strategy

A key goal of the new website design was to clearly showcase that the Larkin Group provides insurance for both a person’s personal life and their business. With that, we created a fun and unique animated visual that transitions between two scenes (‘business’ version below).

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Imagery Focus

We really wanted the imagery that felt like ordinary, real-life people. By isolating them out on white backgrounds, along with their belongings, helped to define a design aesthetic that we carried throughout all of Larkin’s marketing.

Graphic Details

We carried through the lighthearted tone with animated visuals as we explained how simple Larkin makes insurance coverage for their customers.

Previous Design

The previous website was struggling to attract a younger audience. Given Larkin’s ability to retain customers over a long period, missing out on getting people in early in their lives means leaving a large amount of business on the table. The old website was stale and very run-of-the-mill for the industry.

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Social Media Ad Design

The ad designs for the Larkin Group featured the same graphics featured on the website, which translated very well for social media use.

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Part of the brand strategy was to coin branded terms for things that Larkin is known for. For instance, their ability to turn around quotes quickly for customers was something that needed to be highlighted, so we created the ‘Larkin Quick Quote’ name and logo.

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