Bar’s Leaks

As part of an international rebrand for this tenured, 65-year-old automotive products company, we were charged with the creative execution of a new website design. The primary goal was to reestablish Bar’s Leaks as a line of products that consumers need for the maintenance of their aging vehicle. Given the age of the brand, we determined that blending a vintage tone within an overall bold and modern style would be appropriate in the design execution.

Project Specs

Project Type Website Design, UX Design
Services Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration

Project Case Study

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Vintage Vibe

Subtle textures in the main sections of the site as well as flourishes inspired by classic car pinstriping were incorporated to create a vintage look. 

Video INtroduction

A series of recently launched region-wide commercials served as a great video-based introduction for the website.

Inviting User Interface

An innovative product finding interface like the “3 Minute Mechanic” needs to be simple and inviting to use. A set of custom icon designs were created to make this interface more intuitive.

Brand Messaging

A direct and encouraging message about Bar’s promise to “get you back on the road and back to your life” brings home the site’s confident message.

Functionality Highlights

The 3 Minute Mechanic

One of the key features of the website is the innovative “3 Minute Mechanic,” which helps site users to identify the products to suit their needs.

Visitors first select one of the 6 main issue icons, which prompts a dropdown of choices to choose from.

Once selected, the 3 Minute Mechanic will then suggest  “good, better, best” solutions for their situation.

Inventory Locator

To supplement the 3 Minute Mechanic, a built-in store locator assists visitors in finding retailers nearby who carry the products they need.

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“Bar’s Experience” Social Page

This section of the website is dedicated to the social interactions the brand has with its audience. Live events hosted by Bar’s Leaks’ spokespeople, Bobby and Cailin, as well as videos, Tweets, and Facebook posts are just some of the ways the brand engages with its social community.

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