Dr. DZEC came to our agency looking for help with introducing their new immunity-boosting supplements to the marketplace. What makes Dr. DZEC unique is their 2-product combination that’s comprised of their daily gummy supplement that helps to keep their customers’ immunities in tip-top shape, along with their Rescue Formula, which is designed to quickly push out viruses when symptoms of illness first present themselves. WIth this 1-2 combination, Dr. DZEC came to us looking to us to create a bold brand to help enable them to make a splash in the marketplace.

Services Provided

Marketing Strategy and Execution, Brand Strategy and Execution, Creative Services (Logo Design, Website Design, Label Design, Ad Copy & Design, Print Design, Video Creation)

Website Design & Messaging

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Given the sensitive times (with an ongoing pandemic) that the brand was launching in, we wanted to lead with a reassuring message to set a tone of confidence.


A video cycles silently in the background of the intro area with visuals of people facing the day to highlight the confidence felt when you know your immunity is in great shape. A commercial we created (see below) plays when the play button is clicked.

Getting Animated

To complement the bold graphical nature of the new brand, we implemented subtle animations throughout the website to add to the upbeat vibe.


An infographic quickly illustrates how the Daily Gummy and Rescue Formula products work synergistically with each other to greatly enhance overall efficacy.


For any new brand, building trust is a hurdle, especially when their products are ingested. For Dr. DZEC, we wanted to showcase the founder, who is a pulmonary physician, as well as a guarantee to ease any buyer apprehension.

Brand Enhancement

Dr. DZEC initially came to us with a logo and label that our client considered to be complete and ready for launch. After working with us and seeing our capabilities, they decided to have us explore pushing both further. 

Brand Script & Brand-Scapes

For the brand refresh, we utilized both our Brand Script and Brand-Scape process, which come together in the visual below. Brand-Scapes consist of found imagery, custom graphics, and messaging concepts from the Brand Script, combined into comprehensive visuals that help aid in the alignment of the brand’s direction.

Three Brand-Scapes were presented, the first of which was based on the client’s current label design. Two additional concepts were meant to address the client’s desire for the brand to have a bold aesthetic. Upon completing the process, the client decided on the third option and that a redesign of the label was warranted to better suit the brand they wanted to develop.

Label Design

For the label, our client was looking for something really bold, so we took them through our brand-scape process which yielded the updated design you see here. Our client was blown away by the results and remarked that they can’t believe they almost launched with their initial label design.

Original Design

Updated Design—Post Brand-Scape

Logo Design

For the logo, some subtle refinement really helped it to communicate more clearly. We primarily redesigned the shield to resemble a mask, which really helped to make it more impactful. 

Original Design

Updated Design—Post Brand-Scape

Original Design

Updated Design—Post Brand-Scape

Promo Card

A thank you message is sent to everyone who buys Dr. DZEC and as a bonus, they also receive a discount of 20% off their next order via a QR code.

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Video Production

We created a commercial for the launch of Dr. DZEC that features bold graphics synced to upbeat music, with a soothing voice-over narrative that explains the benefits of the products to viewers.

A bold closing sequence drives home the connection of the updated logo and masks worn by medical professionals. 

Social Media Design

As part of the launch strategy, a 30-day social media campaign featured bold imagery with empowering messaging. Below are a few examples:

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