We Raised WSC Academy’s Conversion Rate by 85%

A Data-Driven Success Story.

WSC Academy a charter school located in Ypsilanti, MI. They were seeing zero traffic to their site and couldn’t figure out why. They needed to increase enrollment and to do that they needed to be found when people were researching schools in the area.

After some research, we discovered another site was hijacking their traffic through a fake Google maps listing. We fixed that first by creating and verifying an official Google business page.

We then created and optimized multiple business listings across the web, Optimized all page titles, descriptions, and images throughout the website created new keyword rich content, improved overall website speed, and performance, optimized their video content.

  • An 85% increase in conversion
  • Increased online enrollment activity by 26.83%
  • 15% drop in bounce rates
  • Increased organic traffic from Google by 24.16%

Our new website implementation led directly to a 56.6% jump in enrollment.

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