What We’re About

Our passion is driven by the results we achieve for our customers, helping them to reach a larger audience so they can be more successful with their business. Our goal is to put our clients’ best interests first and make each and every one a fan for life.

Win Together

We believe in establishing a “win together” relationship that’s built around transparency with each and every client we work with. We are focused on developing strategies with you that will contribute to your success, within your budget, while delivering on expectations that we set together. Our goal is to work and win together as a team.


We believe in diving deep into what makes each of our clients’ businesses unique, the specific problems their products or services solve, and most importantly, the metrics from which we will measure success, in order to develop the most impactful and efficient results possible. With strategies rooted in thorough research, you will feel confident that you’re making informed decisions with your budget.

Branding + Marketing

We believe that branding and marketing have a symbiotic relationship when it comes to strategies that effectively move the needle. We specialize in formulating strategies that not only get in front of key audiences but also connect with them by clearly defining why they should care and what problems we can help them solve—greatly increasing the chances that they will purchase with you.

Who we are

John Smiddy – Owner/Marketing Consultant

John has helped market and scale over 200 companies in various industries over the past 10 years. He is the Founder and Managing Partner of LeadPlan Marketing, the host of “The Marketing Fundamentals Podcast” and the creator of the “5 Pillars of Sales Conversions” formula used at LeadPlan.

Mike Hardy – Brand Strategist & Creative Director

An award-winning brand strategist with more than 25 years of experience in roles ranging from print production to high-end creative direction, Mike prides himself on understanding how to motivate an audience to take the desired action. Over the years, Mike has amassed numerous accolades, including more than 50 Addy Awards, while working with global brands such as Starbucks, Duracell, Harley-Davidson, Procter & Gamble, Coors, Kroger, Ace Hardware, and Polaris.

Andrew Craig – Amazon Director

Andrew is our Amazon guru. With a love for technical data analysis, Andrew keeps a close eye on how your Amazon listing is ranking, selling, and performing while examining new opportunities to elevate your Amazon presence. With Amazon marketing getting more and more complex Andrew is also a great resource to answer questions when things get a bit technical.

 Heidi Jones – Project Manager

Heidi brings extensive project management in multiple industries to the table, and is experienced in bringing teams together to achieve client goals. Organization is her game, and work flows are her bag. She’s a master at follow through, believes in a strong work ethic, and that no day is complete without a hearty laugh!

AJ Anderson – Account Manager

With over 10 years of experience in digital marketing AJ is passionate about helping clients reach their goals. As a “problem solver,” AJ knows how to work with companies large and small to communicate ideas and strategies and see their vision come to light. With a background in account and project management, AJ ensures that you’re always in the loop on your projects with us and that your expectations are being met.

Sheri Kowalski – Art Director & Copywriter

A creative talent with 18 years in the business, Sheri specializes in creative strategy and execution. Her unique ability to clearly visualize the desired outcome, bolstered by her abilities to bring it life through design, photography, and writing make her an amazing all-around talent for creative executions. 11 years working with motion graphics for CBS Television Studios, where she was nominated for multiple Emmys for design and animation, rounds out Sheri’s broad and experienced skill set.

Chuck Vroom – Art Director

Chuck has spent his career honing his skills working on global brands including Ford, Jeep, UnitedHealth Group, OnStar & Rocket Mortgage. Over the years, Chuck has worked on everything from online advertising campaigns to full rebrands. Chuck loves working hands-on, so diving deep into design files is a comfort zone for him. In his own words, Chuck is ‘driven to make amazing stuff that people love.’ 

Rich Connolly – Graphic Designer

As a lifelong creative, Rich boasts a diverse skillset that he loves to get his hands dirty with. From layout design, illustration, and writing—there’s nothing he won’t happily dive into as his true strengths lay in his adaptability and enthusiasm. He takes pride in being someone who can figure it out and rises to any creative challenge. Rich’s attention to detail enables him to complete projects quickly and his clever wit and humor are always welcome, especially when the deadline looms. 

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