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Our passion is driven by the results we achieve for our customers, helping them to reach a larger audience so they can be more successful with their business. Our goal is to put our client’s best interests first and make each and everyone a fan for life.

John Smiddy – Owner/Marketing Consultant

John has helped market and scale over 200 companies in various industries over the past 10 years. He is the Founder and Managing Partner of LeadPlan Marketing, the host of “The Marketing Fundamentals Podcast” and the creator of the “5 Pillars of Sales Conversions” formula used at LeadPlan.

Mike Hardy – Brand Strategist & Creative Director

Mike is an award-winning Creative Director whose greatest strength is his ability to empathize with any given target audience. He uses more than 20 years of experience when developing and effectively communicating targeted, nuanced messaging and creative that hits home.

Lori Hardy – Account Executive

With over 10 years of experience in sales and consulting, Lori is passionate about helping clients reach their goals. As a “people person,” Lori knows how to work with companies large and small to communicate ideas and strategies, and see their vision come to light. With a background in design, as well as project management, Lori ensures that you’re always in the loop on your projects with us and that your expectations are being met.

Beth Barbaglia – Project Manager

Often referring to details as her “love language,” Beth utilizes her keen organization skills to champion project management for our clients. With her passion for helping others to bring their strategic goals to life, Beth brings a level of genuine excitement and optimism to each project. Her witty personality and off-the-cuff humor makes her a joy to work with on our team.

AJ Anderson – Technical Manager

AJ Handles all of our IT support and search engine optimization management. AJ will keep you up to date on how your website, SEO, and online ad strategies are performing. AJ is also a great resource to answer questions when things get a bit technical.

Sheri Kowalski – Art Director & Copywriter

A creative talent with 18 years in the business, Sheri specializes in creative strategy and execution. Her unique ability to clearly visualize the desired outcome, bolstered by her abilities to bring it life through design, photography, and writing make her an amazing all-around talent for creative executions. 11 years working with motion graphics for CBS Television Studios, where she was nominated for multiple Emmys for design and animation, rounds out Sheri’s broad and experienced skill set.

Courtney Kane – Social Media Manager

Courtney has been in customer service for over 10 years, and loves bringing a client’s voice to life through their social media presence. She prides herself on staying up to date on the latest social media trends to ensure success across multiple platforms. Court’s expertise in online engagement, whether through Facebook groups or Instagram challenges, helps to turn your audience into super fans.

Jess Kalbfleisch – Graphic Designer

With her Management BBA and MBA from Northwood University, Jess utilizes her strong business acumen within her strategic creative work and loves every minute of it. Her passion for design is fueled by helping business owners and corporations achieve professional and eye-catching brands that help them to stand out from their competition.

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